What We Do

Carbon Black leads a new era of endpoint security by enabling organizations to disrupt advanced attacks, deploy the best prevention strategies for their business, and leverage the expertise of 10,000 professionals to shift the balance of power back to security teams.

Carbon Black is #1

#1 Endpoint Protection

Voted “Best Endpoint Protection” by SANS users.

#1 Incident Response

Chosen by 68% of IR professionals.

#1 Market Share

37% of Endpoint Market Share: IDC


Hit them where it counts: root cause and behavior patterns

Only Carbon Black continuously records and centrally retains all endpoint activity so you can stop responding to incidents by just reacting to symptoms. Now you can track an attacker’s every action, instantly scope every incident, unravel entire attacks and determine root causes. Strip attackers of their advantages by fundamentally disrupting the way they work and preventing their patterns of attack from successfully repeating.


Multiple options to fit your business

With Carbon Black you have a range of prevention options to match your endpoint defense to your business needs. By choosing the right prevention models for specific users, groups, and lines of business, you can stop attacks without disturbing your business operations.


Collective Defense

Carbon Black is breaking down the barriers between companies and partners to form the ultimate Collective Defense platform. Security professionals now have a place where they can collectively analyze attacks, get to the root cause, and share updated defenses to enhance the security of the overall industry. The days of security professionals having to go it alone are over.

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