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A New Era in Endpoint and Server Security: Prevention. Detection. Response.

A New Era in Endpoint and Server Security Prevention Detection Response bit9 carbon black
February 13, 2014 / Patrick Morley Michael Viscuso

Bit9 and Carbon Black have merged.

Each time we read that sentence, we get more excited about what’s ahead. We’ve spent countless hours discussing every facet of this merger in recent weeks. We’ve discussed what this merger means for our employees, the technology and for the market.

What excites us most about this merger, though, is what it means for our customers.

This merger means Bit9 and Carbon Black customers soon will have a single solution that empowers them with the three most critical elements of endpoint and server security: prevention, detection AND response.

While that’s a very simple message, it’s also a very powerful one. And it’s a message no one else in the endpoint market can deliver right now.

With this merger, we’re carving out a leadership position in the Endpoint Threat Detection and Response (ETDR) space by introducing ETDR+P, where the P equals “prevention.” In doing so, we’re telling our customers: “there is no longer a reason to settle for ‘good enough’ when it comes to protecting the enterprise.”

When we first started talking about the possibility of joining forces, we were well aware of our respective company’s strengths. Bit9 has unparalleled prevention power with an excellent presence in the detection and response realms. Carbon Black offers a big-data architecture that provides its customers with unmatched visibility and seamlessly integrated detection capabilities. Most importantly, it empowers security teams to conduct incident response in seconds.

After reviewing each other’s roadmaps, the decision was clear—combine our strengths to address the full lifecycle of endpoint and server security with a single product. In other words, redefine what it means to “protect.”

To us, protection is not linear. It is not simply an end goal. It is not a series of checkboxes. Protection is a constant state of insight into the enterprise; insight that enables you to do three critical things:

Prevent—reduce your attack surface with signature-less prevention techniques

Detect—identify suspicious or malicious behavior with signature-less detection

Respond—continuously monitor and record every endpoint and server to respond to threats in seconds

With Bit9 + Carbon Black, we’re making all three possible with a single solution.

We also are very excited to announce that our combined company has raised $38.25 million in a new round of funding. We will use these funds to accelerate our growth. We’re doubling down on our combined team, providing all the resources they need to bring our customers the industry’s best prevention, detection and response.

—Patrick and Mike