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Stacking the Deck: Dell SecureWorks Selects Bit9+Carbon Black

Stacking the Deck Dell SecureWorks Selects Bit9 Carbon Black dell logo
April 15, 2014 / Michael Viscuso

When we launched Carbon Black in 2011, we knew that managed security service providers (MSSP) would play an important role in helping to protect the enterprise. Today’s attacks are more advanced, more focused and more specialized than ever before.

A single organization (with a single security team) is often unable to keep up with the attackers’ pace because they are only able to see the attacks used against them and the attacks that are publicly disclosed. Unfortunately, that’s really only a fraction of today’s complex attack landscape. MSSPs, by their nature, know a lot more. MSSPs have expert security teams. Often, these teams focus solely on digging to the depths of the attack landscape and uncovering the latest attack trends. MSSPs use this intelligence to protect their entire customer base, not just a single customer. This aggregated intelligence is very powerful.

Earlier this year, when Carbon Black merged with Bit9, I had several conversations with Bit9 CEO Patrick Morley where he echoed the same sentiment. “Engage with MSSPs,” we said. “We can equip them with the tools they need to better protect enterprises, large and small.”

This morning, we announced that Dell SecureWorks, one of the most renowned MSSPs in the world (a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for MSSPs), has selected Bit9+Carbon Black to be a key part its new Advanced Endpoint Threat Detection (AETD) managed service.

It’s probably little surprise to you why Patrick and I feel this way about MSSPs. As attackers collaborate on attacks, our industry must collaborate on defense. MSSPs, (Dell SecureWorks in particular) are doing an excellent job of this. Today’s evolved MSSPs not only address the full security stack (network, endpoint and threat intelligence) but they also provide the right people, processes and technology to better protect the enterprise.

Dell SecureWorks’ Counter Threat Unit is very impressive. It has published important intelligence research and has given back to the security community. They understand that collaboration is key to addressing the entire security stack. Adding an endpoint solution like Bit9+Carbon Black equips the Dell SecureWorks team with, in our opinion, a game-changing element.

Using Bit9+Carbon Black, Dell SecureWorks is continuously (in real time) monitoring endpoints for signs of malicious cyber activity. If anything suspicious is detected, Dell SecureWorks’ team immediately goes to work analyzing the findings. As a result, Dell SecureWorks’ team is able to quickly determine if an organization’s endpoints have been compromised, how they were compromised and how best to eradicate the threat—all in a matter of seconds.

MSSPs will continue to play an integral role in our industry’s success in defending the enterprises. We’re proud to call MSSPs like Red Canary and BTB our friends and we welcome Dell SecureWorks to the mix. Look for more news about Bit9 + Carbon Black working with MSSPs and incident response companies to bring our industry-leading capabilities to more customers worldwide.

Today, I’d like to extend to our friends at Dell SecureWorks a virtual thumbs up and heartfelt congratulations for announcing what we expect will be a very fruitful relationship.

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