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Bit9 + Carbon Black is Now Carbon Black…And Here’s Why

February 1, 2016 / Eric Schurr

This is an exciting day for our organization. Bit9 + Carbon Black, the leader in Next-Generation Endpoint Security (NGES), announced that effective today, we are now called Carbon Black.

While we’re changing our company name, there are no changes to our strategy, product portfolio, technology roadmap or investments. Most importantly, we are continuing our company’s commitment to bringing our 2,000 worldwide customers and hundreds of partners the industry’s leading next-generation endpoint security products and services.

Two years ago when Bit9 merged with Carbon Black, we combined our names to send a message to the market that Bit9, well known for its superior endpoint threat prevention, was joining with an emerging leader in endpoint threat detection and response. This combined name was meant to be temporary until we achieved leadership in Next-Generation Endpoint Security. Having reached that goal—IDC reported recently that we have 37 percent market share, nearly three times that of the nearest competitor—it’s time to simplify our brand.

In the summer of 2015 we hired a market research company to measure the strength of our brands. The firm measured how security leaders ranked 40 different attributes for the Bit9 and Carbon Black brands as well as six other leading companies in the endpoint security market. Carbon Black ranked first in more of the top-20 attributes than any other brand.

When the founders of the original Carbon Black—Mike Viscuso and Ben Johnson, both now key leaders in our organization—established the company, they chose the name Carbon Black to reflect the product’s unique capabilities. The software was the first of its kind to record and retain a full “system-of-record” of all the critical information needed by incident responders. It provided security professionals with what amounted to a “carbon copy” of the critical behavior needed for fast, effective incident response. Additionally, as one of the fundamental components of life, carbon was a natural choice to illustrate the “elemental” (or “fundamental”) insight the product provides. In addition to the significance of the name, it’s just also just a cool, edgy name.

We also are changing our product names to streamline everything under the Carbon Black brand:

  • The Bit9 Security Platform is now Carbon Black Enterprise Protection.
  • The Carbon Black product is now Carbon Black Enterprise Response.
  • The Threat Intelligence Cloud is now Carbon Black Threat Intel.

These simple, descriptive names make it easy to identify what our products do to protect enterprises from advanced attackers. You’ll see these changes immediately in our marketing and sales materials and our cloud-based offerings, and they will appear in our on-premises products later this year.

While we’ll no longer be using the Bit9 name, we absolutely will continue to invest in and evolve the industry’s most widely-deployed application control and whitelisting solution. We know how important the Bit9 platform is to so many organizations, and our commitment to it—now Carbon Black Enterprise Protection—remains as strong and unwavering as ever.

I’d like to offer congratulations and thanks to our entire organization for a tremendous amount of work over several months to make this new brand a reality. The initial feedback we’ve received on the name change from industry analysts, customers, partners and employees has been overwhelmingly positive. I’ve intentionally tempered my own personal excitement…until today… launch day, when I can finally say, “Go Carbon Black!”

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