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Collaboration in Action: IBM and Carbon Black Set the Standard for ‘Open’ Security

Ian Lee from Carbon Black
May 5, 2016 / Ian Lee

At industry events, you often here talk of the need for information security vendors and professionals to further collaborate. But what does that really mean?

At Carbon Black, it means encouraging our employees, customers and partners to be engaged and active voices in the community and making our technology available to others through open APIs and a robust developer support network. It’s why you’ll often see Carbon Black employees speaking and sharing their experiences at local, regional, and national events and why we’ve invested heavily in building the most comprehensive technology ecosystem of any Next-Generation Endpoint Security provider.

One great example of this: IBM.

As the video highlights, Carbon Black and IBM share a common vision that security must be open and collaborative and are partnering across our security portfolios to bring this vision to life. Delivered through the IBM Security AppExchange, customers today can already take advantage of Carbon Black apps for IBM QRadar and IBM BigFix to unlock new capabilities but this is just the beginning.

In the coming months, you will see IBM & Carbon Black bringing new solutions and industry-first innovations to market around managed security services and IT operations with IBM BigFix.

Stay tuned.

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