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Carbon Black Welcomes New Head of UX

June 6, 2016 / Editorial Staff

mary-kate-foley-headshot1Carbon Black is excited to announce Mary Kate Foley as the new Head of User Experience (UX). Mary Kate brings a wealth of expertise from organizations such as athenahealth, Monster Worldwide, IBM, Philips Medical, and more. With a passion for user experience and design, she will be leading the charge to make Carbon Black’s user experience as seamless as possible.


Mary Kate brings more than two decades of UX leadership experience to Carbon Black. With expertise in building agile UX and design-thinking practices to improve consumer and enterprise products in a range of industries, we’re confident that she’ll be a key player in meeting our customers’ security needs. Mary Kate’s initial focus will be two-fold: to establish an ongoing research rhythm to garner rich insights into customers’ current experience and their unmet needs, and to extend a strong design practice across the product line. As she stated: “It’s not about making things superficially pretty or checking a box saying we answered a call from a customer. A great UX expresses the product’s purpose and fulfill its promise to the people who use it—a great experience can strategically differentiate a product.”

Mantra & Methodology

Beyond aligning teams around a common vision of users, Mary Kate believes UX practitioners need to be embedded in cross-functional product teams, which makes her a great fit for Carbon Black’s highly collaborative culture.  A veteran of building industry-leading UX capabilities at a number of companies, Mary Kate is convinced that the biggest gains can be made by connecting design and research expertise with product teams’ desire to address customer needs.

“Once you help teams deeply understand what users are trying to get done, in what sort of environments, with what degree of knowledge, for what reasons, then everyone on the team is aligned behind creating a UX that reduces the friction between users and their goals,” she said.

By using lean methods that integrate customer feedback early in the development process, she’s helped teams deliver significant improvements in adoption, ease of learning, ease of use, and net promoter scores across a variety of products. She’s brought consumer-level experience to complex enterprise applications, such as electronic health records, and is excited to take on the challenge of making world-class end-point security accessible and usable by any IT team.

Plans for Carbon Black

Mary Kate is thrilled to join the Carbon Black team and dig into our unique and challenging market while identifying the way we can use human psychology to get a leg up on the bad guys. When considering what she’s most looking forward to, Mary Kate shared that she’s “excited about how closely product, UX, and engineering are working together” and “happy about being more hands on and have the chance to dig deep into the security space”.

Mary Kate noted she has big plans for UX.

“By delivering simple and direct experiences, we have an incredible opportunity to help our customers unite in a defensive network—to learn from each other how to always stay ahead of security threats,” she said.

Welcome to the team, Mary Kate!

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