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3 Major Themes from the 2016 User Xchange Regional Tour

Kate Cohen From Carbon Black
June 20, 2016 / Kate Cohen

To collaborate, communicate, and connect. These are the goals for Carbon Black’s annual User Xchange events where we bring our top customers together for best practice sharing and networking. This year we set out on a regional, five-city tour with the goal of connecting local customers with each other and Carbon Black staff. With four regions down and one to go, there have been several lessons learned. Here are a few of the major themes we’ve heard so far:

Application Control is Essential

Application control offers a simple solution to a complex problem: How to handle the ever-increasing number of threats to devices on a corporate network. As the need for application control continues to evolve, Carbon Black Enterprise Protection remains the core of how our customers defend against advanced threats today.

The User Xchange was filled with discussions around the journey to “High Enforcement” through a phased deployment, the importance of leveraging automation, and how to communicate the value of application control internally. Customers shared stories of how many ransomware and zero-day attacks they’ve seen Carbon Black Enterprise Protection, emphasizing one simple fact: application control is the highest form of endpoint security.

APIs and Integrations are Critical 

Our philosophy at Carbon Black is that customers should not be locked into a single security platform (closed system) that doesn’t allow for integration with best-of-breed security at every layer of the stack. Customers must have choice and an easy way to integrate data and systems for better security.

At the User Xchange events, customers shared stories of how they are leveraging our open APIs and third-party integrations to improve productivity and security. During sessions they shared best practices with each other for integrating other network security tools with our products to secure their endpoints and respond to alerts with more efficiency.

Community is Key

In the security industry, people – not just systems and data – need to be connected. That continues to be a goal of the User Xchange events. During the regional tour, hundreds of security experts have come together to share best practices and threat intelligence to engage and defeat the enemy. We’ve heard customers sharing ways to overcome industry-specific security challenges with one another and have seen continued interest in furthering the knowledge transfer in our online community and through local in-person user groups.

This week, we finish our five-city tour in San Francisco for the West Coast User Xchange. If you are a Carbon Black customer and you missed this year’s tour be sure to join in the conversation in our online User eXchange Community – and stay tuned for our 2017 User Xchange event!


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