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Learn More About “Cb Defense” with 10 Quick-Read Blogs

Carbon Black Collective Defense Cloud
July 21, 2016 / Ryan Murphy

On Tuesday, Carbon Black announced its acquisition of Confer, a Boston-based NGAV company.  The Confer solution has been renamed “Cb Defense.”

Cb Defense uniquely combines behavioral-based prevention techniques with integrated detection and response capabilities to stop cyber attacks. Its cloud-based, deep-analytics approach blocks both malware and increasingly common malware-less attacks that exploit memory and scripting languages such as PowerShell. Once malware is blocked, Cb Defense gives organizations visibility into how the attack happened. This visibility enables businesses to proactively fix security problems.

Cb Defense uses a lightweight sensor that installs in less than a minute and consumes less than one percent of the CPU, disk and network. Once installed, Cb Defense can be completely managed from the cloud through an easy-to-use, web-based interface.

To learn more about Cb Defense, see one of Confer’s archived blogs below:

July 14, 2014: On Pivoting and Lateral Movement

September 19, 2015: Endpoint Security – Evolving to Battle Malwareless and Malware Lite Attacks

January 15, 2016: Planning a Proof of Concept: Thinking Red, Thinking Blue

January 20, 2016: Conducting a Proof of Concept – Keep It Real

February 10, 2016: The Converged Endpoint – Punch Above Your Weight

March 10, 2016: Prevention False Positives – When Everything Looks Like a Nail

March 23, 2016: When the User Endpoint is the Target

April 13, 2016: Prevention Comes Before Detection

March 25, 2016: The Imitation Game Part 1 – The Defender’s Dilemma
                                   The Imitation Game Part 2 – Do You Let the Attack Run?

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