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Carbon Black, the Most Talked About EDR Vendor, Receives Highest Score in Every Category of Gartner’s EDR Report

July 26, 2016 / Editorial Staff

Gartner’s recent technological vendor assessment, “Comparison of Endpoint Detection and Response Technologies and Solutions,” noted that Cb Response is the most talked about Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution on the market and achieved the highest score in its vendor comparison analysis.

Gartner’s analysis covers the top 10 EDR vendors most frequently mentioned by their client base and assesses each vendor’s ability to support the use cases required of a market-leading EDR solution. Carbon Black is cited as the EDR vendor “most frequently mentioned by Gartner clients.”

Cb Response achieved the best possible score in all of the use case categories:

  • Incident data search and investigation
  • Suspicious activity detection
  • Threat hunting or data exploration
  • Stopping malicious activity
  • Alert triage or suspicious activity validation

Additionally, the report offers a detailed capabilities comparison. Cb Response received the highest possible score by meeting all of the criteria required of market-leading EDR solutions in each of these functional areas:

  • Data Collection
  • Agent Analysis
  • Data Presentation
  • Mitigation and Response
  • Integration

The comparison also highlights key features offered by Carbon Black that very few other vendors offer, such as the ability to see the results of files running in a sandboxed environment during an investigation.

Amongst other observations within the analysis, EDR as a service is cited as a valuable play for many companies that don’t have the manpower. This is further validation of Carbon Black’s extensive investment in its partner ecosystem, which includes more than 75 leading MSSP and IR partners.

Confer, which was recently acquired by Carbon Black, also scored exceedingly well in the comparison and was among the most mentioned tools by Gartner clients. With the acquisition of Confer, now known as Cb Defense, Carbon Black customers will have access to a single platform designed to replace ineffective antivirus, lock down critical systems, and arm incident-response teams with the most advanced tools to proactively hunt down threats.

Carbon Black combines prevention with detection and response capabilities and leverages cloud-based, behavioral-analysis techniques to help customers stop more attacks, see threats, and close security gaps.

For more information on Cb Response’s scoring in the Gartner report, we encourage you to read the document. (Gartner login required.)

For more information about the Cb Endpoint Security Platform, the most complete platform on the market, click here.

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