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In Choosing Between Humans and Machines, You Want ‘All the Things!’

August 10, 2016 / Joel Rising

What’s your bet on the best approach to combating hackers? Are you betting on some kind of AI algorithm? Think big-data processing will win it? Or, are you putting your faith in creative human beings?

Darpa’s answer is: “Yes! We want all the things!” And they’ve got the Red Team/Blue Team outcomes to prove it!

As noted in a WIRED piece on “humans vs. bots,” [Automated systems] can operate on their own, but they can also complement what we humans do.”

That’s in line with the approach Darpa is taking. “Automated bots…won’t replace human hackers anytime soon. But they’ll provide human hackers with new tools. ‘We won’t go in one fell swoop to fully automated network defense. But think about how powerful it will be for humans to leverage these kinds of machine tools,” said Darpa chief Arati Prabhakar, according to WIRED. ‘When humans start being able to do things they’ve never thought of before. That’s when it gets really interesting.'”

That’s the primary reason I work for Carbon Black. All the smart people say we’re headed in the right direction.

Our technologies are founded on big data collection, make use of automation wherever effective and efficient, and put humans at the top in the driver’s seat.

We’re not about black boxes. We’re about doing “all the things!”

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