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Upgrading to Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV): Featuring the MLB’s CISO

Kate Cohen From Carbon Black
November 22, 2016 / Kate Cohen

Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV) is the evolution of traditional antivirus and protects organizations from the full spectrum of modern cyber-attacks. Increasingly, leaders from businesses around the world are turning to NGAV for better protection.

As you may have read last week, Greg Notch SVP, of IT & Security at the NHL shared his criteria for evaluating NGAV solutions in the SANS webcast Ready to Replace AV? Criteria to Evaluate NGAV Solutions, such as low memory utilization and reputation code-signature validation. However, he wasn’t alone in making his decision to upgrade to NGAV. Greg collaborated with Neil Boland, Chief Information Security Officer at Major League Baseball to make the move to upgrade their traditional antivirus solutions.

Like Greg, Neil decided to upgrade traditional AV for many reasons, the biggest being the number of advanced threats that Major League Baseball was being targeted with.

“There’s a lot more coming through and as large brands for Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League and the other sports, we’re seeing ourselves being targeted a lot more with more aggressive attacks, more original attacks, more zero-day variants, and so the traditional signature-based model wasn’t working for us and our sub-brands” said Boland.

“As we talked to our clubs across us and the NHL and we also work closely with the other leagues, we just saw our incident rate going way, way up and we saw the effectiveness of our defensive architecture decreasing,” he said. “We knew that a change was in order.”

After making the decision to upgrade, Neil sought out a next-gen AV solution that didn’t interrupt end-users and one that would empower the MLB’s help desk with greater resolution control.

“We wanted a tool that gave the help desk greater control, faster response time, greater visibility and the ability to share that information across the organization,” Boland said.

Having 30 different teams all with different sizes of IT and operational support meant that the MLB had to find a comprehensive solution that was manageable by any size team.

As Boland shared in the webinar, he found Cb Defense to be very usable, and cited that it allows his teams to adjust and tweak as necessary at threats change and grow. Perhaps the biggest benefit was that it didn’t interrupt the MLB’s end-users.

“The solution that we’ve gone with was easy to deploy with very little impact,” he said.

Hear more the audio clips from Neil’s SANS presentation and download the comprehensive guide from SANS ‘Replacing Traditional Antivirus’ here: Upgrading To Next-Gen Antivirus.

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