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Join Us for Carbon Black’s ‘Beyond-AV Tour’ – 100 Cities Worldwide in 2017

February 15, 2017 / Editorial Staff

Organizations around the world are witnessing a rapid evolution in attack techniques, seeing advanced polymorphic malware and non-malware attacks taking center stage.

In fact, according to the 2016 Verizon Data Breach Report, 53% of breaches today use no malware at all. Traditional antivirus solutions cannot detect or prevent these non-malware attacks.

Carbon Black’s end-of-year threat report dove into the security events of more than 1,000 customers supporting more than 2.5 million endpoints, and found the prevalence and likelihood of a non-malware attack to be overwhelming. We discovered that virtually every organization in the study was targeted by a non-malware attack in  width=2016. About one-third of those organizations found themselves likely to encounter at least one severe non-malware attack in the next 90 days.

This method of attack (also known as fileless, memory-based, or “living-off-the-land”) is especially effective given the current approaches to endpoint security seen in legacy AV and machine-learning AV. Modern attackers can easily get their hands on open-source penetration tools to breach systems without touching the file system of the target. This allows attackers to reliably bypass legacy endpoint protection solutions. Unfortunately, many emerging “next-gen” platforms are using approaches that fall victim to the same fundamental flaw – using point-in-time prevention techniques tuned to stop malware.

This realization has driven us to pioneer a new approach to AV; one that is prepared to tackle the new, emerging and yet-to-be-seen attacks head on.

Come join us at one of our upcoming Beyond-AV Tour Events to see how you can:


Stop The Most Attacks. Cb Defense’s breakthrough technology, “Streaming Prevention,” doesn’t just stop malware – it stops dangerous non-malware attacks too.


Keep Your Users Happy. Delivered from the cloud and designed to be lightweight, your end users won’t even notice it.



Take Back Control. Simple, visual dashboards help you hunt down attackers, understand their objectives and close security gaps quickly.

Each event culminates in a live-attack simulation where you get to don your own “black hat” and build a real-world attack that puts Carbon Black and other leading AV vendors to the test.


Find an event in a city near you by clicking the map below.


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