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Partner Perspectives: Cb Response 6.0 Brings Large Scale Data Security Alternative to Smaller Businesses

Data Sheet: Carbon Black Enterprise Response
February 23, 2017 / Editorial Staff

(Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on championsg.com)

Small and mid-sized financial organizations often face a greater challenge than their larger sized colleagues in the financial sector. While larger organizations can throw more money and resources at their compliance and security hardening activities, many smaller financial businesses need to operate under more restrictions thanks to smaller IT and compliance budgets. As compliance requirements grow more complex and security threats become more innovative and frequent, the security challenges will continue to grow. But help may have finally arrived.

Last month, Carbon Black announced the release of Cb Response 6.0. This next-gen security offering brings with it a huge decrease in security response times, dropping from 78 hours per incident to 15 minutes per incident. That puts Cb Response 6.0 immediately on the radar of any financial organization looking toward further hardening its security posture.

Carbon Black Cb Response 6.0 Quick Hits

In Cb Response 6.0, Carbon Black has released a comprehensive, transformative next-gen security tool that provides small to mid-sized financial organizations a cost effective way to harden security posture by proactively looking for security threats. It requires a minimum level of infrastructure investment, and is easy to implement thanks to open APIs.

Cb Response 6.0 steps ahead of the competition with its unique ability to provide unlimited scalability. Additionally, it comes with an inventive platform that is both responsive and provides a real-time, complete picture of any attack, allowing for near-instant mediation and investigation via real-time alerting. Its ability to stop attacks while isolating compromised devices and systems results in incident response times that take less than 15 minutes to achieve event resolution once the product is fully implemented.

It will store and record all threat activity within its own centralized storage. The use of centralized storage shifts much of the heavy lifting from the endpoints to the server. Additionally, having recorded activities archived in a centralized location creates time for the IT security team to focus on triaging the attack and then examining the archived forensics data once the threat has been neutralized.

One additional benefit for IBM BigFix users is that Cb Response 6.0 works with BigFix to provide patch management prioritization throughout the environment, furthering the ROI gains this product brings to the table.

Proactive Security Hardening

Our favorite aspect of this latest offering is its fast search and proactive threat hunting UI feature. This is pure gold for smaller organizations with limited staff resources; a security tool that proactively hunts and kills threats before they can take hold in the infrastructure.

This feature brings threat detection intelligence and security posture consolidation to the table, reducing operations and maintenance costs while achieving cost-effective compliance and security risk management.

This is built around a new UI, which provides real-time environment views presented in a console view. From here, IT staff and security engineers can quickly investigate and determine root cause of any incident by simply targeting specified timelines by using various click-and-drag functions.


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