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Cb Protection 8.0 Makes Lockdown Security of Data Center Servers Easier Than Ever

May 3, 2017 / Michael Viscuso

Data center servers house the most sensitive and valuable information for organizations. When they are breached, the impact is severe. It’s no surprise that servers are among the most targeted and breached assets. When it comes to securing these servers, organizations are looking to implement the highest form of protection available.

As many readers know, application control can provide that highest form of protection by flipping the security paradigm of blacklisting on its head. Rather than trying to prevent bad software from running, application control allows only good software to run. In “default deny,” application control provides the strongest and most proven form of server security available.

A common criticism of application control solutions is that they can be hard to deploy and laborious to manage. Organizations value solutions that are both effective and resource friendly.

Today, I’m pleased to publicly announce Cb Protection 8.0, the latest edition of Carbon Black’s market leading application control solution that enables the highest form of server protection quicker and more effectively than ever before. No longer do security professionals have to choose between lockdown server security and ease-of-use. Now, they can have both.

Introducing “Rapid Configs”

Cb Protection 8.0’s Rapid Configs are our new, pre-built rule sets that enable you to get value out of the product immediately. We’re using our knowledge and experience to build these rules so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel.

Some “Rapid Configs” we’ve released include: OS Hardening, Browser Protection, and MS Office Protection. A great feature of these configurations is that they can be delivered from the cloud, so as we get feedback from our customers we can rapidly develop and deliver. With “Rapid Configs,” users experience fast time to value while establishing and maintaining the highest form of lockdown security available.


“Rapid Configs” dramatically simplifies configuration for users and eases day-to-day management. Customers experience superior protection for data center servers without the additional effort traditionally associated with application control solutions.

Cb Protection Efficacy

When it comes to efficacy, Cb Protection is second to none. Cb Protection was the only security solution to earn 100% protection efficacy in NSS Labs’ Advanced Endpoint Protection test. Our market-leading solution is deployed on 4,000,000 computers worldwide, including at leading Fortune 500 organizations. Customers use Cb Protection to lockdown servers and stop all forms of cyberattacks including malware, ransomware, zero-day attacks and non-malware attacks.

8.0 Enhancements

Unified Management, Rapid Rendering and API Improvements: Cb Protection 8.0 features a new, modern UI and the ability to manage all servers from a single console, regardless of deployment location. Unified Management allows customers to keep “local” data “local” in order to meet compliance requirements. Rapid rendering dynamically displays content to users when it’s available, dramatically improving UI response times.



Role-Based Access Control: New controls restrict which users can make changes to specific device groups or policy changes to specific servers. These controls also provide better visibility to mitigate insider threats by limiting access to specific, trusted users.


More Granular Control of Policies Through Command-Line Arguments: With the increase in attacks leveraging frameworks such as PowerShell, Cb Protection empowers administrators to specifically control command-line usage in the data center as a measure to harden servers. This feature means administrators have continuous access to the benefits of command-line tools while also being protected against attacks attempting to exploit them.


At Carbon Black, we’re committed to continuously innovating. We want to make your life easier and your organization more secure. With Cb Protection 8.0, we’re doing both. I encourage you to check out a Cb Protection demo to see how your organization can achieve the strongest form of lockdown security for servers on the market.

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