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Ransom-Aware: Carbon Black Survey Finds 7 of 10 Consumers Would Consider Leaving a Business Hit By Ransomware

May 25, 2017 / Michael Viscuso

The WannaCry ransomware attacks thrust cybersecurity onto the global stage in unprecedented fashion. As the attacks unfolded, more than 300,000 computers across 150 countries were held hostage. Consumers and businesses alike, some exposed to ransomware for the first time, began asking: “What if I were attacked by ransomware?” and “What if my bank, or my doctor, was hit with it?”

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To gauge the public’s perception on ransomware, its threshold for paying a ransom, and the expectations consumers have on businesses to keep their data safe, Carbon Black recently surveyed 5,000 people to determine:

If WannaCry served as a catalyst for greater consumer-level awareness on ransomware.

What level of trust consumers have that their financial institutions, healthcare providers and retail stores can keep their personal data safe.

Whether or not consumers would consider leaving a business if it were hit by a ransomware attack.

What consumers say their most sensitive information is.

When put in the driver’s seat and asked if they would personally be willing to pay ransom money if their personal computer and files were encrypted by ransomware, it was close to a dead heat with 52% of respondents saying they would pay and 48% saying they would not.

Of the 52% who said they would pay:

The onus of responsibility to keep consumer data safe is mostly on the individual organizations themselves, consumers said in our survey. While the burden is distributed among government organizations, software providers, and cybersecurity companies as well, consumers say the buck stops with the companies that are trusted with the private data.


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