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Cb Defense Scores Perfect 5-Star Overall Rating in SC Media Independent Test

July 5, 2017 / Patrick Morley

What does it take to be the leading next-generation antivirus (NGAV) solution? Is it security efficacy? Is it visibility into malicious behavior throughout your enterprise? What about ease of use?

SC Media recently looked to answer these questions and more by putting Cb Defense through its own independent testing and our market-leading NGAV received a perfect, 5-star overall rating.

“For a mix of threat analysis and incident response, this one demands your attention.”

We’re excited to announce that, following the independent analysis led by SC Media Technology Editor Peter Stephenson, Cb Defense received a perfect, 5-star overall rating.

In order to simulate a real-world situation, the testing of Cb Defense included minimal involvement from Carbon Black during the installation and testing phases of the review. The bulk of testing was left to SC Media to ensure an unbiased test.

From the outset of testing, it was clear Cb Defense would deliver. Cb Defense met expectations with deep and intuitive visibility into threats, alerts on attacks, an efficient user-interface, and strong prevention capabilities.

Categories evaluated in the rating include: “Features,” “Performance,” “Documentation,” “Support,” and “Value for Money.”

To read the full report from SC Media (formerly SC Magazine) click here.

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