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“The 101” – Episode 2 – What is Next-Generation Antivirus, or NGAV?

July 19, 2017 / Sean Blanton

We’re back with another episode of The 101! This weekly security series aims to define endpoint security, one question at a time. Tune in each week as we tackle a new term, concept or comparison in our ongoing effort to cut through the noise and provide clear definitions.

Recently, we helped define “non-malware” attacks. In this episode we’re going to tackle an emerging solution and ask the question: What is next-generation antivirus, or NGAV?

In the video below, we talk about what NGAV is, what problem it is trying to solve and why it’s uniquely suited to do so.


TAGS: Carbon Black. The 101 / NGAV / Non-Malware Attacks / video blog