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Upcoming Video Series – “Breaking Bad Security” – Series Introduction

July 20, 2017 / Sean Blanton

Welcome to another new video series, “Breaking Bad Security!” This security series is designed to teach you about different tests, tricks and free tools you can use to validate your security controls to ensure your environment is secure.

In this series, we will provide easy-to-follow tutorials that show you how to sit in the bad guy’s seat by leveraging free, open-source technology to figure out if, and how badly, different types of attacks can work.

A sound security posture is developed through an understanding of sound fundamentals, the implementation of widely accepted best practices, and constant validation through training and practice. This last piece, validation, can be tricky, especially if you feel you don’t have the tools, knowledge or even the time to do it. That’s exactly where we come in.

Tune in next week as we post our very first tutorial on email phishing. Until then, meet our instructor, Tristan Morris, and get a taste of what he has to offer.

You can also check out our Learn NGAV page to see the latest episode of all of our new free series.

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