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“The 101” – Episode 3 – How Do Different Types of Antivirus Work?

July 26, 2017 / Sean Blanton

We’re back with another episode of The 101! This weekly security series aims to define endpoint security one question at a time. Tune in each week as we tackle a new term, concept, or comparison in our ongoing effort to cut through the noise and provide clear definitions.

For the past few decades, the defacto standard for prevention has been antivirus. Lately, we’re seeing new technologies being applied to endpoint security that address the emerging challenges organizations face on a daily basis. That’s why this week we’re asking: “How do different types of antivirus work?

This episodes covers a few approaches – signature-based AV, machine-learning-based AV and behavioral-based prevention. We’ll discuss how these different technologies work and reveal where they may be lacking.

TAGS: antivirus / behavior / Carbon Black. The 101 / machine learning / NGAV / video blog