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5 Steps to a High-Speed SOC

Rick McElroy
October 5, 2017 / Rick McElroy

Your endpoints don’t just live within the safety of your corporate network—they’re out in the wild exposed to millions of new threats every day. With non-malware attacks on the rise that are even harder to detect than traditional malware, security professionals are realizing it is no longer a matter of if they will be breached, but when.

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To harden defenses against advanced attacks, security operations centers (SOCs) from every industry have recognized the need for a proactive security posture that arms skilled teams with the people, processes, and technology to rapidly hunt and detect cyber threats. Speed stops breaches, but too many SOCs become beholden to their security stack and get caught up in alerts, reducing triage efficiency and blurring the lines between high-and low-priority threats.

Striking the balance between people, intelligence, and automation can be extremely difficult, and to illustrate the different areas that decision-makers in today’s SOCs need to master to remain agile, we believe there are five essential steps to consider. For a thorough analysis of these and many more crucial elements of a high-speed SOC, download our free guide on “Building a High-Speed SOC.”

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