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#CbChats: 3 Questions with Carbon Black’s Chief People Officer Amy Robinson

October 24, 2017 / Ryan Murphy

Amy Robinson is Carbon Black’s Chief People Officer. She is also taking over Boston tech, according to Rev3, a list comprising the top 20 female tech executives in Boston.

Amy is the third Carbon Black honoree on the Rev Boston list. Both Di Hall and Sandra O’ Sullivan were named to the list in previous years. 

According to Rev3: “The common thread that unites [this year’s honorees]: they’re our bet on who’s going to be running this ecosystem in a few years, they’ve already accomplished great things, and they’re on a trajectory to do even more.”

In today’s edition of #CbChats, Amy discusses what it means to be named to Rev’s prestigious list, the importance of educating young women on the benefits of pursuing a technology career, and the most salient piece of advice for  women looking to advance in cybersecurity / technology careers.

Enjoy today’s podcast!


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