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“The 101” – Episode 13 – What Makes Up a Cyberattack? (Part 1)

November 1, 2017 / Sean Blanton

We’re back with another episode of The 101! This regular security series aims to define endpoint security one question at a time. Tune in each week as we tackle a new term, concept, or comparison in our ongoing effort to provide clear definitions.

Sometimes in security we find ourselves using certain terms very broadly. We use them correctly, but as we start to get down to it the specifics, the definition can vary a lot, and that puts us at a disadvantage.

So in this episode we take on one of these terms to kick off what will become an ongoing discussion about the number one thing we all worry about.

Today we ask: What makes up a cyberattack?

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TAGS: Carbon Black. The 101 / cyberattack / NGAV / NotPetya / Petya / video blog