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#CbChats: Eric O’ Neill Chats About Hacking as Espionage, His Time at the FBI & Ryan Phillippe

Eric O' Neill
November 9, 2017 / Eric O' Neill

Today on #CbChats, Carbon Black National Security Strategist Eric O’ Neill talks about his time at the FBI, his relationship with “Breach” star Ryan Phillippe and how hacking is just the latest iteration of espionage.

About Eric

As Carbon Black’s national security strategist, Eric O’Neill is a thought leader on a wide range of issues including counterterrorism and national security matters. He is a practicing attorney who specializes in cybersecurity vulnerability assessments, counterintelligence and counterterrorism operations, investigations into economic espionage, internal investigations, and security risk assessment consulting.

O’ Neill served as an operative for the FBI, where he conducted national security field operations against terrorists and foreign intelligence agents. His role in the investigation and capture of the most notorious spy in U.S. history, Robert Phillip Hanssen, became the subject of Universal Studio’s movie Breach, released to critical acclaim in 2007.

O’Neill is an in-demand speaker in the U.S. and abroad, and an expert source for broadcast and print media on security-related topics.

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