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Australia’s “Essential Eight” is Critical to Meet 2018 Cybersecurity Mandates & Privacy Laws

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Sean Walsh - Regional Direct Australia-New Zealand
November 20, 2017 / Sean Walsh

Christopher Strand, Carbon Black’s security risk and compliance officer recently wrote a blog discussing how the new mandatory data breach notification rule in the Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill 2016,  helps bring attention to cybersecurity solutions and focus on the practices protecting data and business systems throughout Australia.

Organisations will need to account for their security systems and take steps to ensure they have the right technologies and plans in place to prove protection to ensure they are able to meet the February 2018 deadline.

As government agencies, APP (Australian Privacy Principles) entities, credit providers, and credit reporting bodies furiously move through assessments to determine what they need to protect and how they need to protect it, Chris suggests that organisations use the Australian Signals Directorate’s (ASD) security guidance risk-planning baseline, “Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents,” to help identify and close security gaps to proactively mitigate cybersecurity risk. It’s a prioritised list of practical actions organisations can put into place to help shore up their information-security posture.

To help businesses navigate the landscape, Carbon Black is hosting the webinar“Essential Cybersecurity Controls to Meet Australia’s Looming Data Privacy Law” on December 7 at 11 a.m. (AEDT), to illustrate this approach.

During the webinar, Chris will be discussing the strategies and the proper security controls organisations can use today to take stock of current security postures and take steps to ensure the right technologies and plans are in place to mitigate risk, prove protection, and achieve and continuously meet compliance requirements.

During the webinar, Chris will demonstrate how Carbon Black can help organisations ensure personally identifiable information (PII) and critical business information are protected at all times through:

  • Understanding what it is you need to protect and how those assets and data may be changing.
  • Ensuring you know what mechanisms to put in place to protect the integrity of data.
  • Monitoring your infrastructure against your policy to measure data security.
  • Mitigating threats and addressing infrastructure vulnerabilities by implementing threat protection, detection, and remediation.
  • Proving enforcement of compliance and security policy.

Register for the free webinar here.

I also recommend you learn more about how Carbon Black can help you strengthen your security posture by visiting: www.carbonblack.com/asd.

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