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Cb Defense Aces External AV Test For Efficacy and False Positives From ICSA Labs

November 28, 2017 / Allen Lieberman

Last week, ICSA Labs released its public test results for Cb Defense. During the certification testing, Cb Defense scored a 99.79% efficacy with zero false positives against threats collected as part of ICSA Labs’ November 2017 test set.

In total, the public test of Cb Defense included more than 54,000 samples of known malware and malicious threats from ICSA Labs’ test set. ICSA Labs has a “Collection” test set of known malware that has been collected over the last couple years. This test set is supplemented each month by a number of malicious threats known to exist in systems worldwide.

To meet the requirements, Cb Defense had to be at least 90% effective at detecting malicious threats in ICSA Labs’ “Collection” set of known malware and at least 92% effective at detecting malicious threats in the November 2017 test set.

During testing, Cb Defense scored much higher than the required amount for both the existing malware collection and the November 2017 test set, including 99.79% efficacy against the November 2017 test set.

Along with displaying a high rate of efficacy against advanced attacks, Cb Defense also received a perfect score when it came to false positives.

“Cb Defense was tested with 1000s of clean test cases to determine whether or not it would improperly alert or quarantine any innocuous samples. Cb Defense had 0 false positives,” explained the ICSA Labs report.

When it comes to evaluating endpoint security solutions, public third-party testing, such as the monthly-recurring testing performed by ICSA Labs, is an extremely valuable and necessary service that provides security professionals with unbiased assessments of the tools used to protect their environments.

Perhaps just as important as the frequency of anti-malware testing is the reliability and accuracy of the test set.  According to ICSA Labs, malware used in its test set is confirmed each month through a two-step verification consisting of internal code-level analysis and cross-check by anti-malware industry experts.

“Frequent, monthly testing is important to keep pace with the ever-increasing, ever-evolving nature of malware,” ICSA Labs explained in the test results. “The regular cadence of testing benefits businesses and home users who want assurance that the anti-malware products they deploy continue to detect relevant, malicious threats found on the Internet.”

As part of the testing report, ICSA Labs puts the Cb Defense test results into context for readers by summarizing the significance of the results and what they should indicate to the reader. Among other points mentioned in the summary, ICSA Labs calls out that:

  1. Cb Defense had excellent real-time protection against malware.
  2. Cb Defense had no false positives on any of the thousands of innocuous files used in testing.
  3. While under contract, ICSA Labs will continue to test Cb Defense each month and report the results.

ICSA Labs formed in 1989 to lessen the uncertainty and bring clarity when searching for the best possible security products. To that end ICSA Labs began testing anti-malware products in 1991. At the time, the testing performed was strictly to determine how well security products detected viruses.

A quarter of a century has passed since the testing program was launched. Today the anti-malware testing performed by ICSA Labs is about more than viruses. It’s about testing product detection effectiveness when confronted with many kinds of insidious malware.

Click here to view the ICSA Labs Certification Testing Report of Cb Defense.

About ICSA Labs

The goal of ICSA Labs is to significantly increase user and enterprise trust in information security products and solutions. For more than 25 years, ICSA Labs, an independent division of Verizon, has been providing credible, independent, 3rd party security product testing and certification for many of the world’s top security product developers and service providers. Enterprises worldwide rely on ICSA Labs to set and apply objective testing and certification criteria for measuring product compliance and performance.


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