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Carbon Black To Work Hand-In-Hand to Drive Partner Demand Through Cb ThreatSight

January 25, 2018 / Victor Baez , Matt Petrosky

This week, Carbon Black launched Cb ThreatSight, a brand new managed threat hunting service staffed by a dedicated team of seasoned threat experts who keep watch over customer environments.

As part of the new service, Carbon Black’s internal Cb ThreatSight team performs expert threat validation, provides context into root cause during investigations, and acts as an early warning system for emerging threats by proactively identifying trends across endpoints and sending out threat advisories to alert customers before their organization is impacted by the threat.

Driven By Market Demand

Throughout our history, Carbon Black has been focused on creating next-generation endpoint security solutions – and we continue to maintain that focus as we continue to build upon the Cb Predictive Security Cloud at a rapid pace.

However, the market is constantly evolving, and it is now more important than ever that security vendors leverage the expertise within their own organizations to provide basic managed services around their software. Gartner has even updated its definition of Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) to specifically call out the increased need for “human-driven managed services such as managed threat hunting.”

All of this demand in the market stems from a handful of trends and factors that are becoming more prevalent across the industry:

  • Enterprises face a shortage of skilled security professionals.

  • Security teams are often forced to spend too much time monitoring and validating alerts, limiting the time available to perform true security analysis.

  • When prevalent outbreaks occur, security teams’ investigations are often limited by the scope of resources and data available in their own environment.

  • During active investigations, it’s difficult to craft an effective remediation plan before the full scope of the event is confidently identified.

All of these factors played a role in our decision to launch Cb ThreatSight. As with every other decision we make at Carbon Black, our primary objective was to provide better security for our customers. To ensure that we meet that objective, we are taking a unique approach to include our expansive partner ecosystem as part of the advanced tier of Cb ThreatSight.

Leveraging Our Partner Expertise

The Cb ThreatSight team is the newest addition to our Threat Analysis Unit and is dedicated full-time to validating, investigating, and uncovering threats across our customer environments.

Moreover, Carbon Black has developed an incredible partner ecosystem, made up of top MSSP and incident response service providers around the world.

Because of this unique situation, we made the strategic decision to work to include those partners as an upcoming advanced tier of our new Cb ThreatSight service.

Where other security vendors have attempted to roll out their own “advanced” security services to compete with MSSP and IR providers, we want to create a service that can serve the best interest of both our customers and our partners.

  • For Customers: Cb ThreatSight’s standard tier provides an eyes-on-glass service and a team of experts working in the background alongside their team to analyze, validate, and prioritize threats in their environment. When advanced services are required, we will connect them with our MSSP and IR partners and facilitate information sharing.

  • For Partners: Cb ThreatSight demonstrates to customers the value of a managed service and drives demand for a wide range of partner advanced services.  When the need arises, customers can feel confident in a set of partners delivering advanced services on top of their licensed Carbon Black products.

As we continue to roll out and scale Cb ThreatSight, we will maintain our commitment to doing what is best for both our customers and our partners.

To learn more about the offering, click here.

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