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Value of Integrations Highlighted At Fortinet’s Accelerate 18 Conference

February 28, 2018 / Jim Raine

Changing the hearts and minds of security teams is no easy task. Everyone has been told for so long how to protect their environment, and more importantly how to buy the various tools needed to enable that protection. Collectively we’ve adopted the unintentional job of assuming all these things cannot work together, and security teams are left with trying to connect solutions never architected to work together.

The world changed around us with the migration to cloud, mobile, remote workers, and distributed applications used by businesses today. A network perimeter ceases to exist today. Instead we find perimeters around various critical assets spread across an interconnected landscape where we may not always control the underlying network.

It was refreshing to hear Fortinet raise this issue in their keynote session at Accelerate 18, and how everything-as-a-service and embedded devices (IoT) are changing what sensitive and business-critical actually means for most enterprises.

Carbon Black saw the shift in risk from corporate enclaves to individual computing platforms many years ago. The loss of any corporate boundary means the endpoints themselves are no longer protected by existing security architectures. In short, endpoints would become the new soft targets attackers choose to go after first. We’ve seen this in almost every attack, breach, or “cyber-event” of the past half-decade.

Simply put, silo-based solutions that rely on point products or point platforms fall short of providing the performance, visibility, and elasticity this new landscape requires.

A change in that gut feeling of what protection feels like to each of us is slowly taking shape across enterprises realizing the old buying cycles just isn’t working to combat today’s threats. Today, we need solutions integrated across the various security stacks where each new addition brings additional functionality to the entire architecture. Each computing platform, cloud-based application, or small remote enclave can be protected by the larger integrated network of solutions. This idea of an OpenAPI allowing for interconnected solutions we call the Carbon Black Integration Network.

Fortinet is more than a partner with Carbon Black. Fortinet sees the same gap in security solutions today and boldly stated at Accelerate 18 that “never before has adaptability, integration, and automation played a role as important as they do when it comes to the network and threat protection.” Fortinet reconfirmed their commitment to the Fortinet Security Fabric where every device interacts with other Fortinet and 3rd party solutions synchronizing security resources anywhere in the network.

I believe in the value multiple solutions working in concert can bring to combat today’s threats.  We all know the value of a team working toward a common goal versus a single individual trying to do the same thing alone. We need to begin mandating teaming within our security solutions. Regardless if we call that teaming the Carbon Black Integration Network or the Fortinet Security Fabric, the point is we are being truthful with ourselves that we need integrated solutions today. We’ll accept nothing less.

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