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Carbon Black Opens New Research and Development Office in Greater Portland, Oregon

March 6, 2018 / Carbon Black HR

Carbon Black is proud to announce our new office opening in Hillsboro, Oregon – just outside of Portland. The office will serve as a center for research and development, with a focus on bringing new products to market.

Hillsboro lies just outside of Portland, a city that experienced a 40-percent growth in its tech talent pool from 2011 to 2016, and is home to major tech companies including Intel and Yahoo!

Venture capital investment in Oregon startups reached $348 million in 2017 compared to $302 million the previous year, which will continue to drive talent to the area.

Throughout the last two-plus years, Carbon Black’s employee-base has grown in Portland due to a strong pool of security talent in the area. As our company continues to scale, there’s a need to bring on experienced endpoint engineers.

In finding this pocket of talent in Portland, we also realized the importance of investing in a West Coast hub. We currently have approximately 25 employees in the Portland area, ranging from endpoint engineers, technical support, service desk, threat researchers, and product.

The office officially opened, today, on March 1, 2018 and our employees came together in the new space to celebrate. Patrick Morley, our CEO, and Ryan Polk, our Chief Product Officer, flew in to congratulate our team at this exciting event.

Investing in the Portland-area and a physical office was key for us to bring in hard-to-find talent. Our employees now have this office to collaborate and build out the team culture.

Since sharing our plans to open this office with our team, we’ve seen an influx of employee referrals (our top hiring source). One of Carbon Black’s early hires from the Portland area included Param Singh, director of the company’s Threat Analysis Unit (TAU), who will continue building out a team of threat researchers in the Hillsboro office. Singh’s efforts will focus on staying on top of the latest threats and attack techniques and keeping Carbon Black customers safe.

Just 15 minutes from downtown Portland, our new office is in a convenient location for our employees commuting from the suburbs or the city. And, with a location near tons of shopping and restaurants, the site makes it a great place for our employees to have options for social events, errands, team building, and more.

The space is outfitted with modern technology within the conference rooms to make it easy to collaborate within the office, as well as with our remote teams and other offices. The office has a large kitchen, phone room, huddle rooms, a casual collaboration area, a large conference room, and the rest is open concept. With health and wellness in mind, employees will be provided electronic standing desks that they can adjust throughout their day.

We’re excited to expand our presence on the West Coast and believe these employees will bring unique perspectives, skills, and experiences to our teams. It’s been an exciting journey to see how the Carbon Black team has grown over the years, just recently hitting the 1,000 employee mark!

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