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Excerpts from Moving Endpoint Security to the Predictive Cloud: Better Security

Rick McElroy
March 8, 2018 / Rick McElroy , Sean Blanton

Carbon Black recently published a whitepaper on the reasons and benefits of moving endpoint security to the cloud; this is the first excerpt from that guide, which you can find here. For more information about how the Cb Predictive Security Cloud, Carbon Black’s comprehensive endpoint protection platform, delivers next-generation security services through the cloud, check out our weekly Cb Defense Live Demo, every Wednesday at 2PM EST, 11AM PST.

The Cloud is Predictive:
Better Security

The key flaw in antivirus is the assumption that if it finds malware, it has stopped the threat. In fact, that is not at all the case. Malware is just one piece of the attack — and not always a necessary one.

This rudimentary view of how attacks work is too reactive to be successful in today’s fast-changing threat landscape. In the days it takes to define and deploy a signature, the damage has already been done.

Consider what’s possible with the cloud. The cloud can monitor an endpoint’s behavior, looking at both normal and abnormal activity, and compare that activity to vast stores of data from other endpoints. By analyzing these event streams across all endpoints under management through a process known as streaming analytics, the cloud creates a global threat monitoring system, allowing it to detect and predict attacks — even if they’ve never been seen before.

This is only possible if the endpoint solution does not filter data before going to the cloud. Many endpoint solutions only send data related to threats they’ve detected. Unfiltered data collection, on the other hand, gives the cloud the opportunity to analyze data it otherwise wouldn’t, enabling the detection of unknown threats hiding in what looks like normal event streams.






Listen to our security experts at Carbon Black and Network Security Engineer Christopher St. Amand at PeoplesBank during a recent webinar where we discussed the benefits of cloud-based security platforms and how they apply to your specific needs.

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Thanks for joining us as we explored “Moving Endpoint Security to the Predictive Cloud,” our whitepaper on the reasons and benefits of moving endpoint security to the cloud. You can click here to get a copy of the full report. Join us next week as we continue to profile this report.

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