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Excerpts from Moving Endpoint Security to the Predictive Cloud: Simplified Operations

Rick McElroy
March 15, 2018 / Rick McElroy , Sean Blanton

Carbon Black recently published a whitepaper on the reasons and benefits of moving endpoint security to the cloud; this is the first excerpt from that guide, which you can find here. For more information about how the Cb Predictive Security Cloud, Carbon Black’s comprehensive endpoint protection platform, delivers next-generation security services through the cloud, check out our weekly Cb Defense Live Demo, every Wednesday at 2PM EST, 11AM PST.

The Cloud is Easy:
Simplified Operations

The cloud has been a transformative force across many disciplines within IT, and security is no different.

Infrastructure is inherently costly to manage, but what makes it even more challenging for security professionals is the impact that lapses in proper maintenance can have on security effectiveness. The threat landscape is changing so quickly that a security system left unpatched, misconfigured, or without the latest enhancements creates substantial risk.

Running endpoint security natively in the cloud greatly simplifies its operation, resulting in a number of benefits.

First, managing the system becomes much, much easier. All the costs and complexity related to infrastructure management disappear — storage, operating systems, hotfixes, VPNs — meaning you can deploy faster and spend your money where it counts.

This has an especially big impact when it comes to systems outside the corporate network. It’s notoriously difficult to keep antivirus running smoothly in branch offices and among the mobile workforce. When managed from the cloud, these systems are treated no differently than those at the main office, equipped with the same high level of protection no matter where in the world they are.

Perhaps most importantly, the cloud keeps your security system up to date. Whether simple definitions of new threats or entirely novel detection algorithms for advanced attacks, the cloud takes the burden of these updates off the shoulders of the admins, deploying new enhancements automatically and regularly.



Listen to our security experts at Carbon Black and Network Security Engineer Christopher St. Amand at PeoplesBank during a recent webinar where we discussed the benefits of cloud-based security platforms and how they apply to your specific needs.

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Thanks for joining us as we explored “Moving Endpoint Security to the Predictive Cloud,” our whitepaper on the reasons and benefits of moving endpoint security to the cloud. You can click here to get a copy of the full report. Join us next week as we continue to profile this report.

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