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Carbon Black’s Commitment to GDPR & Keeping Customer Data Safe

April 23, 2018 / Patrick Morley

At Carbon Black, keeping our customers’ data safe is a top priority.

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), a comprehensive European privacy law that takes effect on May 25, 2018, has shined a light on the importance of securing personal data. The GDPR is designed to harmonize data protection laws across the European Union (“EU”) and protect the privacy of the personal data of EU data subjects. GDPR also serves as an opportunity for Carbon Black to continue our commitment to keeping our customers protected.  

We take data protection seriously for all of our customers and have been working to uphold the highest standards of privacy. We have approached our GDPR preparation activities with that in mind, and are finalizing the updates and changes to our data processing policies, operations, activities and documentation in anticipation of the upcoming GDPR effective date.

We have established a robust GDPR compliance program designed to ensure strong protection and secure processing of our customers’ personal data. To learn more about our approach to “Security and Privacy by Design,” I encourage you to read the materials listed on our Product Security page.

In addition to our own GDPR compliance efforts, Carbon Black’s products and services can help support our customers’ security, risk, and compliance program efforts relating to GDPR and other privacy regulations.  You can learn more about how here. 

At Carbon Black we take data protection seriously within our own systems, striving to deliver the highest levels of security and privacy for your data. I encourage you to review the documents referenced above to further understand the thoroughness and completeness of our security and privacy practices.  If you have additional, more specific questions relating to Carbon Black’s internal GDPR compliance activities, I invite you to contact our compliance team at privacy@carbonblack.com.

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