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Carbon Black: A “Great Place to Work”

April 26, 2018 / Marisa Ianelli

I am excited to announce Carbon Black has been certified as a “Great Place to Work” by the Great Place to Work Institute. It’s Carbon Black’s first such accolade on a national level and speaks volumes for our nearly 1,000 employees worldwide who come to work every day to create a world safe from cyberattacks.

A lot goes into creating a “Great Place to Work.” As with any company in the tech market, attracting and hiring key talent can be challenging. Many organizations are competing for the same people. To expand our reach into this deep talent pool, we decided to leverage our employees’ voices.

When I joined Carbon Black as a Director of Talent Acquisition more than three years ago, I knew we had work to do to make our name synonymous with “great places to work” on a national scale. Our name was recognized mostly in the cybersecurity industry and we didn’t have the benefit of being a major consumer brand.

First, we grew a sophisticated recruiting team. (Anyone in my shoes knows recruiters can only recruit top talent if the company has a strong reputation for their products or services and offers a great work environment.) We were gaining traction when it came to promoting our fantastic products, but details about our passionate people and great leadership team weren’t heavily marketed.

In 2014, we won Boston Globe’s “Top Places to Work,” as well as numerous other awards in the security ecosystem, but we hadn’t yet expanded our reach with people and culture-focused awards. As we continued to scale, we focused on fine-tuning our offerings and built teams such as “Life at Cb,” whose main focus was (and continues to be) to enhance our culture through events, philanthropy, learning, and community. This team was just the start of the many initiatives we put into place to maintain the culture our people loved.

Telling the world we are a great place to work on a macro level was the first step. Beyond that, we relied on our employees to make such a statement truly authentic. We knew that in order to continue receiving awards such as “Top Places to Work,” we needed to do everything we could to ensure it was true.

Over the years, we’ve hired approachable and transparent leaders who empower our teams to innovate. We’ve focused on building our people through talent development programs, conferences, and workshops. We began to build out diversity and inclusioninitiatives. We expanded offices in new areas of the world. We invested in new methodologies so we could collaborate better. We found ways to connect everyone and gave them a direct line to leadership through transparent communication. We gave back to our communities. We supported our teams. We worked to offer more and be better.

2017 marked our fourth consecutive year of winning Boston Globe’s “Top Places to Work” award. It was an honor to have our employees rate us highly. At this point, we had built momentum in the Boston market but what about the new markets we were expanding to?

In 2018, we knew we had a strong shot to be certified as a “Great Place to Work” through the Great Place to Work Institute, which would be our first national recognition. Our employee population had grown substantially and our product offerings were more robust than ever. Even better, our culture was still as vibrant and authentic as it had been when we were much smaller.

In February 2018, we took the plunge and asked our employees to complete a survey to learn if we qualified. We spent hours pulling together data and insights into what we offer employees. The Great Place to Work Institute analyzed and assessed our application to determine if we would qualify. Fast forward to today, and we are thrilled to tell the world we made it! Carbon Black is certified as a “Great Place to Work” and we couldn’t be more proud.

Our corporate vision is to create a world safe from cyberattacks and one of our missions is to do this while offering our people the best employment experience possible. We know this accolade will help attract new talent, but we also need to make sure our employee population feels we’re doing everything we can to create an environment focused on growth, training, inclusion, and fun. If we do that, we’ll be able to achieve this accolade year-over-year.

While we’re proud to shout from the rooftops that we are now certified, the process also lets us see where our gaps are. This information is valuable because we now know what is most important to our employees. As a result, we can put our focus on improving. Personally, I’m excited to work for an employer who truly has an amazing culture with the ability to qualify as a great place to work. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Carbon Black and I’m excited to participate in some of the “Best Places” lists that Fortune offers.

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