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Excerpts from 10 Endpoint Security Problems – And How the Cloud Solves Them

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May 11, 2018 / Brian Gladstein

Predicting new threats is the top challenge for security and IT professionals

Traditional antivirus is based on what’s already known – it can only stop known malware attacks based on the signatures it has at the moment. But the problem is only 30% of attacks are malware-based; if you rely solely on traditional AV as your primary line of defense, you and your organization may be left highly vulnerable.

Today, attackers are innovating rapidly, utilizing advanced capabilities to easily get through traditional endpoint security measures. With time, money and access to the same defenses you use, attackers today can test and retest their attacks to ensure success before they ever step onto your network. They are able to create different ways to introduce their malicious code onto your endpoints without AV detecting these new files.


  • 60% of security and IT personnel say their top challenge is finding new unknown threats for which their current security doesn’t have signatures.

    Exploits at the Endpoint: SANS 2016 Threat Landscape Survey


Even worse, many attack techniques can leverage known, good applications already running on the target devices, accessed through known (and unknown) exploits that escalate privileges, in order to completely bypass defenses focused solely on stopping new files.

All of this creates a feeling of uncertainty, all the time. What am I not seeing? What don’t I know?

Cloud leverages big data and sophisticated analytics to predict attacks

Data analytics in the cloud is the future of security. Through the power of near infinite storage and processing power, the cloud can become a global threat monitoring system. Rather than focusing on the introduction of new files, the cloud monitors all types of behaviors, independent of malicious intent, and can identify anomalies as they occur anywhere in the world. This feeds into regular, ongoing analysis which, in turn, enhances defenses by sharing new intel and updating threat models and prevention policies immediately across all endpoints.

A cloud-based endpoint security solution provides you with a proactive and predictive approach, one that monitors what’s going on in your organization, and enriches its analysis with new threat data coming from outside your organization. In addition, your own endpoint data can be used to help uncover and protect against brand new attack techniques never seen before. This data can help predict emerging attacks that are becoming more problematic and more pervasive across the globe.


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