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When Looking at Data, It’s All A Matter of Preference

May 24, 2018 / Stacia Tympanick

Are you a cash or card kind of person?

Currency has always been fascinating to me. Plenty of us grew up with parents who predominantly carried cash,  paid all bills through mail, and even balanced a checkbook! I will never forget the days of taking my paychecks down to the bank and waiting in line for them to be deposited. The invention of mobile banking was a total change of ways. Today, I barely carry any cash on me and rely heavily on Apple Pay. I barely have a reason anymore to lug around a purse! The point of this rambling is to note that whether you pay everything in cash or have mobilized your banking, neither is right or wrong, just preference.

These same preferences of currency also apply to data. There are two camps of organizations when it comes to data preferences:

  • Data Dominators: These are organizations who want it all. Absolutely everything. No filters allowed.

  • Data Disposers: These are organizations who do not necessarily care about the amount of data, they want the right data flagged, tagged, and bagged. They love the idea of getting the right data by trusting vendors analytics, whether it is through streaming analytics or standard AI.

I started at Carbon Black when we only offered Cb Response & Cb Protection, so all I knew was unfiltered, un-touched data. When we acquired Confer (now Cb Defense), there was an emotional struggle. (“Where is that extra file modification?!”) But then I realized I did not earnestly respect the preference. The preference to choose a solution that automatically analyzed data and pruned what the vendor believed to be unnecessary “fluff” made sense for those organizations. I did not respect that these people wanted to use auto-bill pay instead of mailing in their mortgage payment every month. After seeing the two sides, I have become really good at appreciating the preference!

Now, when it comes to unfiltered data, the question becomes, “Can every organization truly handle unfiltered data?” The answer is in the grey area. It all depends right? What OS are you running? For every process that a Windows OS spawns, Mac OS may triple that and Linux may quadruple it! What are the purposes of the machines we run on? Are they purpose-built and static or are they developer machines? How many other security products run in the stack that I need to worry about firing off a endpoint event? How much data retention does your organization need? 30 days or 3 years?

Overall, the above is another conversation that should be had in conjunction with a refreshing drink but, in the meantime, the differentiation for Carbon Black is that you have the FREEDOM to choose. If you are a data dominator, we can give it all to you and you have the freedom to choose what gets filtered out. 

For those “data disposers,” we can keep you happy, too. We will continue to innovate our analytics over time to ensure we are giving you the right data – no more, no less. Tough challenge right? We need to make sure that we do not cast this basket too big nor too small to ensure that the right data is brought to the surface.

Overall, just as with the cash vs. card debate, it’s all a matter of preference – no “right” or “wrong.”


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