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Excerpts from Modern Bank Heists – Nation State Threats

Rick McElroy
June 28, 2018 / Tom Kellermann , Rick McElroy

Carbon Black recently published a report on the latest non-malware attack methods, and how to counteract them. For more information about how Cb Defense, Carbon Black’s NGAV + EDR solution, helps enterprises address their endpoint security challenges, check out our weekly Cb Defense Live Demo, every Wednesday at 2PM EST, 11AM PST.

Modern Bank Heists

Cyberattacks & Lateral Movements in the Financial Sector

Nation State Threats

Russia (59%), China (23%) and North Korea (16%) are the most concerning nation-state actors associated with cyberattacks, according to financial institution CISOs in our survey. Geopolitical tension serves as a harbinger for cyberattacks. There’s perhaps no surprise with the results to this question with Russia leading the way, given the country’s continued efforts to attack and influence the West, including the United States’ 2016 presidential election.

The “Silicon Valley of the Dark Web” lies in St. Petersburg, Russia. Russian cybercriminals have demonstrated advanced sophistication among hacking groups. Russia’s motivation for targeting financial institutions appears to go beyond financial gain or countering economic sanctions. Since 2014, many of the best cybercriminals have acted patriotically on accession to support Russia’s strategic goals. Corporate espionage, sensitive data, trade secrets and personal information for executives, partners and customers all seem to be in play when it comes to Russia’s cyberattack efforts.



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Thanks for joining us as we explored “Modern Bank Heists,” our report on the changing landscape of cybercrime in the financial sector and how to arm your institution against a breach. You can click here to get a copy of the full report. Join us next week as we continue to profile this report.

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