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SC Media Awards Cb Defense, Cb ThreatSight 5 Out of 5 Stars

July 9, 2018 / Ryan Murphy

“During testing, Cb Defense performed as a top-quality endpoint security program…Great intuitive cloud platform with an armament of modern security technologies with a quick implementation into your business environment.” – SC Media  

“Carbon Black also offers Cb ThreatSight as an add-on, which is incredibly useful. Cb ThreatSight is a managed threat hunting and triage service. This tool provides visual monitoring of your environment and enables you to see the entire kill chain of an attack. This makes it extremely easy to understand what happened at the endpoint, and quickly take the right action. This is a feature we feel should be a standard in the modern endpoint security landscape.” – SC Media

We are very excited to again be awarded 5-Stars by SC Media, this time for both Cb Defense and Cb ThreatSight. Our solutions received 5 stars – the highest possible rating –  in all categories, including: Features, Documentation, Value for Money, Performance, Support and Ease of Use.

Of Cb Defense, SC Media says: 

“Cb Defense’s web management console is clean and organized. The navigation pane is on the left of the page, which is where most of the main sections are located. The default landing page is the dashboard which provides an overview of your endpoints. You can also drag and drop them in any order that you’d like so you can organize the information that is most important to you.

Cb Defense’s simplistic architecture allows for a quick and hassle-free setup. A lightweight sensor is required to be installed on the endpoint; whether you have under 100 or closer to 1,000 there are two ways to deploy. An attended installation is used for a small number of sensors to deploy where the sensor can be installed directly onto the endpoint. A larger enterprise environment can push the sensors through the unattended installation.

During testing, Cb Defense performed as a top-quality endpoint security program. The alerts section shows threats and suspicious events currently being monitored. You can select the threat and whitelist, blacklist, or delete the application. The investigation button takes you to the event timeline indicating each timestamped event and the application with which it was flagged. Selecting the alert triage button takes you to a visual representation of the attack and each process it touched; this is known as the kill chain. The kill chain approach is the best method to understand the flow of an attack and isolate the threatening process and taking the correct action against it.”

Cb ThreatSight

Cb ThreatSight leverages Carbon Black’s Predictive Security Cloud (PSC) to provide customers with a managed threat hunting service, which simplifies alert management to prioritize and streamline the validation of important alerts. The service is staffed by top threat experts who keep constant watch over an organization’s environment, alert teams to emerging threats, and provide access to critical security services when they are needed most.

With Cb ThreatSight, organizations can better understand context surrounding alerts, ensure the most important alerts are adequately addressed, and earn peace of mind, knowing they are protected by some of the world’s best threat hunters.

Cb ThreatSight provides customers with:

24×7 Expert Threat Validation from Threat Hunters: Enterprises face a shortage of skilled security professionals, and security teams often spend too much time monitoring and validating alerts, limiting the time available to perform true security analysis. Cb ThreatSight experts analyze, validate, and prioritize alerts from Cb Defense, helping assure customers see the threats that matter.

An Early Warning System for Emerging Threats: When prevalent and newsworthy attacks occur, security team investigations are often limited by the scope of resources and data available in their own environment. Cb ThreatSight proactively identifies trends by monitoring threat activity across millions of endpoints, advising customers on widespread attacks, and retroactively detecting and confirming emerging threats based on iterative discovery techniques.

Roadmap to Root Cause During Investigations: During active investigations, it’s difficult to craft an effective remediation plan before determining the full scope of the attack. Cb ThreatSight provides additional context to Cb Defense alerts, such as connecting alerts caused by the same root cause, to help customers streamline investigations and resolve security issues.

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