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10 Endpoint Security Problems Solved by the Cloud – Identifying Problems

July 25, 2018 / Katie DeMatteis

Last week we looked at how the cloud keeps your endpoints from becoming sluggish and pointed out why it is uniquely positioned to predict new threats.  This week, we’re going to examine why the cloud outperforms traditional antivirus when it comes to identifying problems.

Can’t Fix What You Can’t See 

A single endpoint in a system can generate anywhere from 10,000 to 40,000 individual events in a single day events that, if you could see them, would give readily help you identify malicious activity that could lead to a harmful attack.  Unfortunately, most endpoint security solutions don’t give you the visibility you need. Without comprehensive visibility into endpoint activity, you can’t pinpoint what problems exist, where they are located, how important they are to fix, or what resources are required to fix them.  Without these critical pieces, your team can only be reactive and building an effective security program is nearly impossible. 

The Cloud Gives You Complete Visibility

The cloud makes finding new attacks easy, and gives you the tools you need to take immediate action. You can quickly analyze unfiltered data, whether related to a threat or not.  Streaming analytics connects these endpoint events together to give you a clear picture of what happened and when. So not only do you have complete real-time visibility into all threat-related activities, you also see which are a priority, see what else is affected in your environment, and quickly identify root cause.  The cloud also gives you a broader picture of trends and patterns, so you can remediate future attacks more quickly. And, you can easily communicate the state of your endpoints and the success of your security program to your management team.

If you want to learn about the other 9 security problems the cloud solves, check out our eBook, or come back next week when we discuss problem number 8: Responding Quickly to Threats.

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