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10 Endpoint Security Problems Solved by the Cloud – Responding Quickly To Threats

July 31, 2018 / Katie DeMatteis

In this week’s installment of 10 endpoint security problems solved by the cloud, we’re going to step away from last week’s topic, identifying problems, and examine how the cloud helps organizations respond quickly to threats.  

Speed is Critical

Attackers move quickly, and your ability to respond just as quickly is critical to the protection of your systems.  When you have to go back and hunt for when and where an attack began, you lose valuable time that could be the difference between stopping the attack and a compromised system.

Even if you’re able to quickly pinpoint the problem, traditional systems can still slow you down.  Without built-in operational tools to address security issues, you have to use completely separate tools, often owned by entirely different teams. This means that stopping an attacker and remediating the situation can take hours or even days.


  • 55% say it takes three or more hours per endpoint to remediate, with most taking more than 24 hours.1


Investigate and Remediate In Real Time

The cloud gives you the power to respond to attacks almost instantaneously.   You can immediately identify the issue, see where it began and halt it in near-real time, no matter where in the world the endpoint is. With the cloud’s live built-in operational tools, you have centralized, secure, remote access to each and every endpoint in your system.   The cloud is the most efficient way to take corrective action to defend against attacks as they happen.

If you want to learn about the other 9 security problems the cloud solves, check out our eBook, or come back next week when we discuss problem number 9:  Getting The Help You Need.

1Can We Say Next-Gen Yet? State of Endpoint Security,” SANS Institute, March 2016, p. 13, Figure 9


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