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10 Endpoint Security Problems Solved by the Cloud – Getting The Help You Need

August 8, 2018 / Katie DeMatteis

Last week we looked at how the cloud helps you respond quickly to threats.  This week, we’re going to examine why the cloud outperforms traditional AV when it comes to getting the help you need.  

It’s You vs. Them

Once upon a time, viruses were produced by individual hackers who were more interested in proving they could get through defenses than do actual damage.  But now, everything is different. Today there are reportedly over one million paid cybercriminals who work together in a massive black market cybercrime economy.  These criminals are launching incessant, daily attacks with the goal of breaching your data and monetizing it. When a single organization is up against a network this enormous, it’s easy to feel alone and discouraged.  How can you – whether alone or on a staff of 40 – combat that?

The Cloud Facilitates Collaboration and Education 

In order to protect yourself from cybercrime, you need to be constantly educated on the state of the ever-evolving threat landscape.  The cloud gives you access to broad and deep collaboration that exceeds the scope of your organization alone. You are can join communities of global security experts who share best practices, compromise indicators and intelligence about emerging threats in real time. These security professionals are continually researching new threats, sharing their findings and building best-in-class security products to help organizations like yours. So when you are under attack from a new unknown threat, this global resource of knowledge can help you solve issues much more quickly.

If you want to learn about the other 9 security problems the cloud solves, check out our eBook, or come back next week when we discuss our final problem: managing infrastructure.

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