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e crimes 1

e-Crimes and Cyber Security Conference

  • Date

    October 19, 2017

  • Time

    12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

It would be easy to conclude from the coverage of cyber-security that companies are in an impossible struggle against an enemy whose skills and resources are so great that neither law enforcement nor the private sector can compete. And it is true that organised criminals are approaching the sophistication of nation states, themselves key backers of hacking teams.
However, to give just this side of the story is misleading. CISOs and other information security professionals are building more resilient cyber-security processes, boards are beginning to accept that cyber-security is a business risk management issue and are adapting reporting structures accordingly and solution providers are developing next-generation products of real value.
Breach detection tools have improved. Event monitoring systems are much more sophisticated and can utilise faster processing and greater storage than ever before. Intelligent intrusion detection and data leak protection, using AI and machine learning, is transforming security. Encryption and multi-factor authentication technologies are becoming commonplace.
Much remains to be done and the enemy is a moving target. Cyber-security still lacks metrics, it lacks the full commitment and support of the C-suite and companies’ solution procurement processes are still byzantine.  Vendors too need to improve the scaleability and ease of implementation of their products. But as the small victories against ransomware show, progress is possible.

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