Insufficient Protection

Medibank had multiple antivirus (AV) products in place, however none provided sufficient protection against rapidly changing malware attacks. An average of 2-3 ransomware attacks would bypass the AV products quarterly, negatively impacting business usability during the recovery process. Medibank needed a new approach.


Greater Visibility and Protection

Since deployment, Medibank has prevented 100 percent of ransomware attack attempts. Medibank’s CISO, Stuart Harrison states, “We receive more effective protection in a timelier manner using VMware Carbon Black.”

Proactively Preventing Attacks

Harrison also noted the importance of establishing trusted vendor relationships with key technology providers and how the deployment team were engaging, supportive and knowledgeable. With the partnership in place, Mediabank looks forward to having a more intelligent approach to their endpoint protection.


“VMware Carbon Black is a more intelligent approach to endpoint protection that is far more reactive, in a positive way, to current security threats.”

Stuart Harrison, CISO at Medibank


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