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See Everything On Your Endpoints

“Cb Response provides awesome visibility into your endpoints. Being able to view the process chain of an attack is very useful in learning how the attacks work, preventing them from happening again and educating our users. [It’s] very easy to deploy agents and start gathering useful data. Lots of great intelligence feeds.”

Brad M.
Senior Enterprise Systems Engineer at CCA Global Partners

Great Product

“This is a great product for gaining complete control over malware. Anti-virus often times will miss things and cannot protect against all threats. Cb Protection provides application whitelisting and really helps us only allow approved software to run on our systems. This helps us protect against zero day attacks or unapproved software on the systems. The tech support is fantastic and for good reason – you will most likely need them. Deploying the agent is easy…”

Kevin M.
Adminstrator at an Enterprise Entertainment Company

A Powerful Tool

“It tracks everything. Really. It correlates and provides a timeline of events. You can literally peruse the killchain. You can also find out everyplace a file exists and you can ban it making it very easy to stop an infection.”

Information Technology & Services

Great Company, Great Product

“Whether it’s malicious software or just unwanted software, Cb Protection stops it all while allowing what we want. We see the benefits daily. Since being in High Enforcement we have seen numerous cases of Ransomware stopped, along with tons of unwanted software from being installed. I wear many hats in my role and work with many technologies, and no company I work with offers the quality of services that Carbon Black does. Their Training, Planning and Implementation Services, Support, User Community, and Tech Assessments ensure customer success.”

Brad M.
Senior Enterprise Systems Engineer at CCA Global Partners

Detect and Respond

“Carbon Black has provided us visibility into threat behavior beyond any product out there today. The ability to ban malicious files, create feeds, watch lists, open API, integrations with many other products (and ability to add other products easily), Live Response, isolation and much more, make Carbon Black the differentiator over any other ETDR product on the market today.”

Electrical Manufacturing Organization

Great People, Product, Support

“The team at Carbon Black is awesome. They work continuously to build a strong platform and are flexible enough to be able to flow through the changing architecture of security, creating a great product with awesome features.”

Elizabeth F.
Consultant at an Information Technology and Services Company

Visibility and Threat Hunting

“Carbon Black is a delight to work with… New threat intelligence is added frequently. I like the recorded aspect and the visibility it gives me into our endpoints. I like the fact that I can go back in time and hunt for artifacts of intrusions.”

Computer Software

Everything You Wanted Outside of Traditional AV

“Deep intelligence looking at both threats from the cloud (external connectors) and simple file based looks and reputation. With traditional AV, you have signatures and other outdated technology. With Cb Protection, you can see not only what is suspected, but also what files appeared in the timeframe. You can also block certain files, get notifications, prevent users from installing certain programs and the like. Instead of a clunky engine that just scans all day long, you get information you can actually use both for preventing malware/viruses/worms, but also tracking user behaviors and other important information.”

David M.
Administrator at an Information Technology & Services Company

The Anatomy of An Attack

“Ability to record and replay events and tuning capability to record fewer event types for nodes with limited connectivity of low bandwidth. Excellent forensic tool for understanding how an attack occurred.”

Jared H.
Computer Software

Highly Configurable Product

“I find that the product is highly configurable, but at the same time the console is simple and easy to use. We were able to have the system up and running and integrated with our SIEM with little effort. In addition, Support has been quick to respond, and the team at Bit9 are always ready to assist.”

Amir M.
Security Analyst at WestJet

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