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Next-Generation Incident Response (IR)

Enabling the Future of Incident Response

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The Carbon Black Incident Response Provider Network

Carbon Black is committed to providing our Incident Response (IR) Partners with best-of-breed endpoint threat detection and response tools that are invaluable during crisis management response operations.

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Adding to Your Tool Belt

Tools, training and software to leverage Carbon Black on your toughest engagements.

Technology Features

Live Response, continuous recording, real-time/actionable threat intelligence, root cause analysis, and endpoint threat banning through an open and extensible platform.

Upsell Opportunity

Leverage the Carbon Black sales team, leave the technology deployed, and earn your bonus.

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Carbon Black IR Partners are armed and ready to defend against even the most advanced attacks!

As an IR Partner, you may also have the opportunity to become a certified Carbon Black Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) or reseller. As a certified MSSP or reseller, you are eligible to receive a stated discount on Carbon Black products and resell the solution to clients before or after an incident.

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  • Partner with Us

    If you are interested in becoming an IR Partner, please contact us at

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Incident Response