Next-Generation Incident Response (IR)

Enabling the Future of Incident Response

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The Carbon Black Incident Response Provider Network

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Carbon Black is committed to providing our Incident Response (IR) Partners with best-of-breed endpoint threat detection and response tools that are invaluable during crisis management response operations.

  • Adding to Your Tool Belt

    Tools, training and software to leverage Carbon Black on your toughest engagements.

  • Technology Features

    Live Response, continuous recording, real-time/actionable threat intelligence, root cause analysis, and endpoint threat banning through an open and extensible platform.

  • Upsell Opportunity

    Leverage the Carbon Black sales team, leave the technology deployed, and earn your bonus.

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Carbon Black IR Partners are armed and ready to defend against even the most advanced attacks!

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As an IR Partner, you may also have the opportunity to become a certified Carbon Black Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) or reseller. As a certified MSSP or reseller, you are eligible to receive a stated discount on Carbon Black products and resell the solution to clients before or after an incident.

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  • Partner with Us

    If you are interested in becoming an IR Partner, please contact us at

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Incident Response