Cb Defense for VMware

Secure Virtualized
Data Centers

The Ultimate One-Two Punch for Securing Software-Defined Data Centers

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Integrated solution with VMware AppDefense that provides advanced threat detection and in-depth application behavior insight to stop attacks in progress and accelerate response


Virtually Unstoppable

This native and bi-directional integration provides solution purpose-built to protect both applications and infrastructure within the software-defined data center.

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  • Hypervisor-based protection shares precise data about every virtual instance across your data center

  • Deeper understanding of application and virtual machine data improves detection and prevention

  • Next-generation threat intelligence delivers contextual details to quickly determine scope and severity

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Best of Both Worlds

The combined solution pioneers an all-new, best-of-breed security posture that enforces “least privilege” around applications while leveraging streaming analytics to stop attacks at any stage of the kill chain.

  • Analyzes event streams in real time to stop malware and non-malware attacks

  • Shrinks the attack surface by enforcing known good application behavior

  • Enforces compliance and governance policies with consistent security controls across the data center

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Contextual Response

The integrated data intelligently populates crucial attack details throughout the user interface to arm analysts with the information they need to take the right action at the right time.

Alert Triage VMware
  • Minimizes the guesswork of differentiating between suspicious activities and an application’s intended state

  • Combines threat data from each vantage point to deliver a comprehensive picture of malicious behavior

  • Enables faster remediation with the flexibility to automate and orchestrate response

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Enhance Endpoint Protection and Operations with Carbon Black

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Cloud Force Security

At Cloud Force Security, you’ll learn from Carbon Black and VMware experts how to leverage the cloud to better secure your endpoints and servers. You’ll also have the opportunity to get live, hands-on experience to see the solution in action.

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How Do Carbon Black and VMware Help?

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Attacks in the data center use different methodologies than those that target end users. Identifying these threats requires a deeper understanding of both intended application behavior and new and emerging threat behavior than traditional endpoint security products may possess.

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Combining a hypervisor-based, least privileged model with application-informed behavioral analytics delivers robust security for the virtualized data center.

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See It In Action

Cb Defense for VMware is a purpose-built solution with VMware AppDefense that provides advanced threat detection and in-depth application behavior insight to stop attacks in progress and accelerate response.

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Cb Defense

Securing the Endpoint?

Cb Defense, Carbon Black's next-generation antivirus + EDR solution, delivers breakthrough streaming prevention with market-leading detection and response from the cloud with a single, lightweight agent to protect workstations, laptops, and servers.

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