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Cb LiveOps™

Real-Time Endpoint
Query & Remediation

Ask Questions & Take Action in Real Time

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Real-time endpoint query and remediation solution for security operations that enables organizations to ask questions of all endpoints and take action to remediate in real time.

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Inspect Endpoints

Security and IT Operations teams often have no reliable way to assess the current state of endpoints across their enterprise, leading to increased risk of breach, inability to make informed remediation decisions, and unnecessary spending on infrastructure maintenance.

  • Easily create custom queries to answer questions on demand

  • Get visibility into precise details about current state of all endpoints - on and off the network

  • Make quick, confident decisions to reduce risk

Learn Why Real-Time Query & Remediation Matters
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Respond Immediately

Cb LiveOps closes the gap between security and operations, allowing administrators to perform full investigations and remote remediations all from a single cloud-based platform.

  • Create a remote, secure shell to any endpoint

  • Collect and store detailed forensic data for post-incident investigation

  • Run scripts for full remediation in minutes

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"Cb LiveOps enables our incident response (IR) team to acquire key forensic artifacts that normally would require additional collection and offline parsing. It allows our teams to scale out our response from one to hundreds of systems. This allows us to quickly scope out an engagement to determine root cause."

Tim Stiller, Senior Incident Response Consultant at Rapid7

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Simplify Reporting

Security teams are often forced to play catch up during emergency situations because there is limited time to perform in-depth audits and evaluate potential risks. Cb LiveOps allows administrators to report on patch levels, user privileges, disk encryption status and more to stay on top of their ever-changing environment.

  • Save queries in a cloud-based console to re-run on demand

  • Target all devices or specific groups

  • Email or export query results for improved visibility

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Leverage a Single Platform

Cb LiveOps is built on the Predictive Security Cloud, the only cloud-based security platform that combines on-demand query functionality with advanced prevention, detection, and response.

  • Comprehensive endpoint protection delivered via one sensor and one console

  • Stops known and unknown threats through big data analytics

  • Allows seamless unification with the rest of the security stack

Learn About the Cb Predictive Security Cloud
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Why Cb LiveOps?

Security and IT Operations teams need to assess the current state of their endpoints to further minimize risk and operational cost, and then remediate efficiently.

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As attackers move through your environment they leave clues, however subtle, of their activities. Use Cb LiveOps to quickly understand is a specific registry values exists and where.


Many attacks originate from malicious insiders willing to steal data or share access to critical systems. Use Cb LiveOps to determine where sensitive data may have been wrongfully transferred.


When a news alert breaks of a fast-moving attack, you may not have a current look into the state of your endpoints. Use Cb LiveOps to query endpoints on and off the network to see version details and know if you are vulnerable to attack.

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Enhance Endpoint Protection and Operations with Carbon Black

Learn more about the other services of the Cb Predictive Security Cloud, Carbon Black's converged endpoint protection platform.

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See It in Action

Experience how Carbon Black’s converged endpoint protection platform delivers next-generation security and IT operations services through the cloud. Join the Cb Defense Live Demo, hosted Wednesdays at 2PM EST (11AM PST), today.

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