Cb Predictive Security Cloud

Predictive Security
in the Cloud

Stop Known and Unknown Threats
Through Big Data Analytics

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Converged endpoint protection platform delivering next-generation security services through the cloud


Better Protection

The Cb Predictive Security Cloud collects and analyzes unfiltered endpoint data to make predictions about, and protect against, future, and unknown attacks.

  • Identifies attacks that other endpoint security products miss, and provides visibility into attacks that evolve over time

  • Uncovers threats, patterns, and indicators invisible to traditional and ML antivirus, looking upstream to the root cause of attacks to better predict future ones

  • Allows seamless unification with the rest of the security stack to create new workflows and extend the value of the platform

Learn How Carbon Black Delivers Better Protection
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Simplify Operations

Today, endpoint security programs require multiple, independent systems running their own resource-intensive agents that bog end users down and complicate management.

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The Cb Predictive Security Cloud simplifies everything: one cloud, one sensor, one set of data that delivers comprehensive endpoint protection.

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  • The IR and threat hunting functionality available via Cb Defense and the Predictive Security Cloud empowers our team to move quickly and conclusively while benefiting from a cloud-based console under a single pane of glass. It's a game changer for the team.

    Eric Samuelson

    Senior Manager of IT, Lithium Technologies
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Prioritize and Take Action

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The constant stream of alerts from traditional endpoint security products makes it nearly impossible to know which problems need your attention most. Spend more time responding to real threats and less time sifting through noise.

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  • Respond Quickly

    with support from expert threat hunters

  • Remediate Precisely

    through automated root cause analysis

  • Reduce Downtime

    by streamlining Security and IT Ops

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How the Cb Predictive Security Cloud Proactively Identifies Threats

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Traditional security products take a reactive approach: databases of known signatures and attack methods block only what’s been seen before. This makes them ineffective against unknown and new attack methods. The Cb Predictive Security Cloud collects and analyzes unfiltered endpoint data to make predictions about, and protect against, current, future, and unknown attacks.


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See It in Action

Experience how Carbon Black’s converged endpoint protection platform delivers next-generation security and IT operations services through the cloud. Take the Cb Defense product tour today.

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