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Organized attackers are exploiting the most vulnerable points in modern healthcare infrastructure: endpoints and servers that have access to electronic medical record (EMR) and electronic health record (EHR) systems. Hospitals and healthcare providers everywhere are facing increasingly sophisticated attacks that regularly evade current endpoint protection systems.

Carbon Black protects health-related systems from evolving external threats of all kinds to protect sensitive information and maintain continuous compliance.

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Protecting Healthcare Systems in 2018

Join Carbon Black's healthcare security risk and compliance experts as they walk you through the measures you can take, today, to close security gaps by controlling change, blocking advanced threats, and securing patients' personal and financial information to significantly minimize attack surfaces and comply with key HIPAA and PCI requirements.

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How Does Carbon Black Help?

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Block Unknown Threats Icon
Secures Critical Systems

Protect corporate-issued devices, critical servers, and fixed function devices (like point-of-sale [POS] terminals) from malware and non-malware attacks.

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Take Control Icon
Continuous Compliance

Satisfy major compliance regulations (like anti-malware initiatives, risk management, and more) for SOX, HIPAA, and PCI—even for unpatchable and unsupported systems.

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Find Root Cause Icon
Detection & Response

Leverage industry-leading detection and response capabilities to uncover gaps in defenses and avoid future attacks.

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Medibank Take a Dynamic Approach to Endpoint Security

After being targeted by ransomware attacks, Medibank Private Limited (Medibank), a leading Australian private health insurance company, needed to find a more effective endpoint security solution to counter this attack type. After deploying Cb Response and Cb Protection Medibank was able to bolster the security IT assets.

Read What Makes Medibank Successful

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How to Best Protect Your Endpoints

To learn more about protecting your endpoints using the power of the cloud, big data and analytics, access these resources:

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Learn More About Our Products

Experience how Carbon Black’s converged endpoint protection platform delivers next-generation security and IT operations services through the cloud.

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