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HMIs, servers, and workstations that run critical applications over commercial operating systems like Windows, UNIX, and Linux are the most perceived security risk in manufacturing today. Unfortunately, aging industrial control systems can’t handle extensive security scanning and, combined with a rapid increase in networked devices, are more exposed than ever.
Carbon Black protects manufacturing systems from evolving external threats without disrupting availability. Our solutions help you maintain strict regulatory compliance, and ensure strict control on critical, high-risk systems.
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How Does Carbon Black Help?

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  • Secures Critical Systems: Protect corporate devices, critical servers, and industrial control systems from malware and non-malware attacks.

  • Control Your Environment: Prevent unauthorized software execution, monitor and control file/system changes, and ensure proper application configurations in SCADA systems—even those that are unpatchable and unsupported.

  • Detection & Response: Leverage industry-leading detection and response capabilities to uncover gaps in defenses and avoid future attacks.

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Freeport LNG Leverages Cb Response for Comprehensive Enterprise Visibility

When Todd Beebe, an information security officer for Freeport LNG, was asked if he would consider using a different cybersecurity solution other than Carbon Black, his answer was clear. “(Cb Response) is a no-brainer versus what else is in the market,” he said.

Read What Makes Freeport LNG Successful

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How to Best Protect Your Endpoints

To learn more about protecting your endpoints using the power of the cloud, big data and analytics, access these resources:

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Learn More About Our Products

Experience how Carbon Black’s converged endpoint protection platform delivers next-generation security and IT operations services through the cloud.

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