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Use Case

Critical System Lockdown & Application Control

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Prevent Breaches with System Lockdown

It is imperative to have tight control over endpoints containing IP, PII, and other types of sensitive data. A breach to these systems creates significant risk to your business, employees, and customers. Critical system lockdown occurs when strict policies enforce what can run and automatically prevent all untrusted files, applications, and processes from executing.

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    Lock Down Servers & Critical Systems

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  • Whether it's malicious software or just unwanted software, Cb Protection stops it all while allowing what we want... We see the benefits daily.

    Brad M.

    Senior Enterprise Systems Engineer, CCA Global Partners Read The Full Review.
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How Does Carbon Black Help?

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Powerful Application Control

Application control flips the traditional paradigm on its head—it blocks everything that isn't specifically pre-approved by both your IT- and cloud-driven policies.

Prevents Unwanted Change

Simple whitelisting policies prevent malware attacks, non-malware attacks, and unwanted system configuration changes—at both the kernel and user mode levels.

Recognized Compensating Control

Protects end-of-life systems (and other critical systems) that are unable to keep up with traditional patching policies (systems that are unpatchable and unsupported).