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Use Case

Risk & Compliance

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New regulations have forced organizations around the globe to rethink data privacy and protection.

To meet the new standards, visibility into all endpoint activity is essential to get critical information that will reduce risk, lower liability, and prove security control assurance across the cybersecurity kill chain.

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    Close the PCI Compliance and Security Gap

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  • GDPR

    Unite Data Privacy with Endpoint Security

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  • ASD

    Ensure Continuous Compliance for Multiple Mandates

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How Does Carbon Black Help?

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Accelerate Time to Successful Audit

Reduce liability at all levels with IT audit and risk controls that give you the intelligence needed to accelerate gap analyses by nearly eliminating the pre-compliance data gathering process

Prove Security Control Assurance

Ensure a state of continuous compliance by showing that security controls are working effectively and in place following ANY change in your environment with file integrity monitoring and control

Communicate Risk to Executives

Take a positive and prioritized approach to reducing your organization’s attack surface and addressing regulatory gaps with actionable business intelligence needed for board-level security investment decisions

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    PCI & HIPAA Compliant AV Replacement

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    Lock Down Compliance-Mandated Servers & Critical Systems

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